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"It's a Vision  Decision"


Follow the link below for more details and specific product information:

Ramco's Accident Avoidance system was created specifically to produce quality components for accident avoidance systems in the transportation industry. Their roots are in manufacturing underwater video camera systems designed to provide video at great depths, so they know camera systems. Our supplier develops,

manufactures and markets commercial and industrial

grade systems to meet any need and price point. 

Their systems offer unparalleled features 

designed for professional drivers.





Ramco Accident Avoidance systems are so diverse, they can be found everywhere: on first responder vehicles (fire trucks, police cars, ambulances), in the waste industry (garbage trucks), buses (school and cross-country bus systems), delivery services (international and local freight), RV, and general construction and municipal vehicles.


Why Ramco Accident Avoidance?


  • Has its roots in manufacturing commercial underwater video cameras designed to provide video at great depths, so we know cameras.

  • Products are designed with high quality components constructed to meet any vehicle's needs. Easy add-on components make expanding all our systems simple.

  • Are designed for quick install with little

       impact on your production line or service/fleet maintenance


  • Provides live technical support with a member of

       our knowledgeable team via a toll-free number.

  • Employs a supportive and professional account management team. All they do is observation systems- their expertise allows them to make sure you are equipped with the components that best meet your needs.


  • Products are designed for commercial applications. Tough environments are no challenge.

  • Products make it safer for you and those who share the road with you.


  • Quality, value and service is what you will find in all Renegade Fleet Safety products.

Ramco Accident Avoidance protects against:


  • NO ZONE: Trucking Blind Spots


  • DROP ZONES: Bus Blind Spots When Children Bend to Pick Up Dropped Items


  • DANGER ZONES: Visually Monitors Marine Engines Keeping Crews Safe


  • LOST ZONE: Satellite Navigation and Fleet Tracking


  • REPAIR ZONES: Systems Often Lower in Cost Than a Basic Bumper

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